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Del, I’m feeling like a ghost in a shell
I wrote this in jail playing host to a cell
For the pure verbal,
They said my sentence was equivalent to murder

Just another hurdle, I bounced through a portal
I knew they had the mindstate of mere mortals
My ears morphed to receptors that catch your
Every word about gravity control
And the families they hold for handsome ransoms
On the run with a handgun, blast bioforms; I am warned
That a planet-wide manhunt with cannons
Will make me, abandon, my foolish plan of uprising
Fuck dying, I hijack a mech
Control it with my magical chants, so battle advanced
Through centuries of hip-hop legacy, megaspeed
Hyperwarp to Automator’s crib and light the torch
They can’t fight the force
Victory is ours once we strike the source
Enterprisin wise men look to the horizon
Thinkin more capitalism is the wisdom
And imprison, all citizens empowered with rhythm
We keep the funk alive by talking with idioms

Deltron, you are the epitome of nerd rap.



Magical Blue Crystals Cover an Entire Room by  Roger Hiorns

Seizure is a large-scale installation by British artist Roger Hiorns in which he used unexpected materials to transform an everyday room into a giant piece of art. To create the site-specific installation, Hiorns covered the surface of the interior with plastic sheeting. He then poured more than 20,000 gallons of boiling copper sulphate solution into the abandoned space and let the liquid cool for three weeks. As the liquid cooled, these strange blue crystalline growths began to form, covering the walls, the floors, and the ceiling. The remaining liquid was drained and sent out for special chemical recycling.             

So fucking crazy.

(via wilwheaton)


freshest-tittymilk: gdi, toronto…

Why is my mayor such a colossal asshat? I hope Olivia chow takes this chumpzilla out.

(Source: tom-mess)


Language and Your Brain

For centuries, researchers have studied the brain to find exactly where mechanisms for producing and interpreting language reside. Theories abound on how humans acquire new languages and how our developing brains learn to process languages.

By Voxy.

I think about this kind of stuff a lot.

(via science-junkie)

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